From Blocked to Brilliant: Building Your Brand & Business Based on Your Unique Story 
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Tap into the power of your story.

"I love the action plan sections of the courses where I could put what I learned from the e-book of the day into practice. I especially loved learning about how important my story is and how to incorporate it into everything I do with my business. Thanks so much for putting this together - it was fantastic and got me going in a great direction for my business!" - Caitlin M.

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Here's what's covered in this 8 day challenge
I've had several people ask how I learned to share my story and build my brand and business based on that story. I've done some reverse engineering and created this challenge.

During this 8 day challenge, you will:

• Discover & hone in on your why
• Create your vision board
Write your personal story
• Write your mission statement
• Draft your unique offer, products & programs
• Learn to share your business story
• Create your ideal customer avatar
• List your top competitors
• Learn how to network and collaborate with others in your industry

"I have to say, when it comes down to the 8 day challenge...we've all taken challenges that are real kinda like fluff your way through it...The questions she asks everyday are really deep....It's not a waste of your time. It's a very good challenge.  It's one of the better challenges I've taken in a long time." - Rolande S.

Your Partner in Success
Coach Airial Re'nal
I'm an entrepreneurship coach and digital marketing strategist for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, freelancers, bloggers, and podcasters. I see value in considering the entrepreneur as a whole and as a person and not just focusing on the business. I make it my mission to help others create profitable businesses based on their brilliance, passion, and calling without the overwhelm and costly mistakes common to solopreneurs.
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