Change and transition can be tough.  I spent almost two years trying to figure out what I wanted to do after I got out of the military.  I thought I was ready.  I had everything together – resume, job lined up, a degree, everything....or so I thought.... What I didn't realize is that I wasn't as quite as emotionally ready as I thought.  My last couple of years in the military were trying.  From being sexually assaulted by my supervisor, to experiencing racial discrimination, to complete breakdown – like I was in a mental institute for 5 days, to major panic attacks and depression – I didn't want to live any more.  I felt hopeless and purposeless.  The adjustment was difficult.  I had been attending therapy for about 2 years  and on meds.  I was back and forth trying to decide what I wanted to do in life.  Every time I went to therapy, I felt as if a scab was constantly being picked.  I felt stuck.  I wanted and needed to move forward past the pain.  I signed up for a discovery call with a life and business coach.  Little did I know, that conversation would change my life.  I was reminded of my strengths, my passion, my purpose.  I was reminded that I wasn't alone.  It was then I decided I wanted to serve others in the same capacity.  I  hit the books and became certified in Solution Focused Coaching, Life Coaching, and Veteran Development.

So if you're feeling hopeless, lost, stuck, or empty and need someone to believe in you and remind you how badass you are – you're in the right place.

I understand what you are going through.

Schedule a no cost assessment with me:


I give a damn.

I genuinely care and want to see my clients succeed.

It's time to take charge of your life and move forward.  It's time to turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs.

During this assessment we will:

  • Diagnose the heart of the issue(s) you're having
  • Find out what's causing the problem(s)
  • Determine what you hope to achieve
  • Determine if I am the right person to help you overcome your struggles and reach your goals; or refer you to a more suitable coach
  • Determine if we are a good fit for one another (personality-wise)
  • Explain the coaching process to you
  • Show you what it looks like to work together
  • Recommend the package/service that will suit you best
  • Answer your questions about coaching

A little more about me:


You know the saying “it's as easy as riding a bike?” Well....I'm not the best bike rider on the block so I don't like that phrase!

Pet peeve: That dang thumb in FB messages!!!

Sometimes I just store peeps number in my phone so I know not to answer when they call.

I love watching lefties write – I think it's sexy.

I hate clothes! So be careful knocking on my door unannounced!

When I was a kid I thought I had special powers.

I stay awake all night and sleep in all day because it makes me feel in control.

I am a closet techy and always wanted to be a hacker.

One thing on my bucket list: To appear on Law & Order

I am obsessed with traveling!